Copper Binary Options Brokers Comparison

Like other commodities, the price of copper depends on the metal’s demand and supply. Are you looking for the best binary options brokers for Copper commodity trading? Find here key facts related to this asset, why to trade copper, a comparison table of all the binary brokers that provide copper trading and much more..

Copper Binary Options Trading

According to the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), copper is the third most widely used metal worldwide. Copper has many industrial uses in virtually all sectors of the economy including transportation, construction and manufacturing. The metal is found naturally in China, West Africa, Europe, U.S., and in some parts of Central and South America.

Why trade Copper commodity

• Importance in global economy

Other than oil, copper is the backbone of the global and local economies. It is used in all vital sectors that contribute to the growth of the economy including manufacturing, plumbing, construction, telecommunication and transportation. This offers investors plenty of opportunities to leverage the commodity and make gains.

• Increasing demand

With the growth of the Chinese and Indian population, the demand for copper has been on a steady rise. Compared to other metals such as gold and silver, the demand for copper has risen with the greatest margin. Copper prices have increased by more than 300% over the last 15 years while gold has only risen by about 150%, silver by 180% and platinum by 200%. An increase in demand and equally increasing prices make copper a lucrative investment right now.

• Declining supply

Copper is a non-renewable resource. Worldwide production is certainly declining and no new significant resources have been found. This means that while demand is increasing, supply will continue on a downward trend, thereby causing a steady increase in copper prices.

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Type of available binary options for Copper commodity

The common binary options contract types for Copper are:

• Basic Call/Put options: You need to predict whether the price of Copper will move up or down prior to the expiry time.

• Touch options: You are required to predict whether the price of Copper will touch the given strike price prior to the expiry.

• In/Out: You need to predict if the price of Copper will remain within a range of two strike prices

Possible signals for Copper commodity

  • Analysts are bullish on copper in the long term but in the short term, demand is still relatively low, causing a decline in prices. Copper rallied to an estimate $6,500 a tonne but these gains were swiftly reversed due to signs of weakening consumption in the second quarter of 2015.
  • Following optimism that a solution to the Greek crisis was closer, copper prices rose higher. July deliveries on the New York Mercantile Exchange increased prices by 0.9 percent and traded at $2.622 per pound. Meanwhile, on the London Metal Exchange, copper deliveries for up to September tacked on 2.2 percent to trade at $2.62 per pound
  • Copper prices rose, the highest increase since the financial crisis, amidst indications that the Chinese and European economies are stabilizing.

Factors Influencing Price of Copper commodity

  • Demand and supply dynamics - Demand for copper is on a steady increase in line with population growth in China and India, which are the biggest consumers of the metal. On the supply side, global production of copper is steadily declining or limited. Combined, high demand and low supply will pave way for higher copper prices going forward.
  • Economic recovery in Europe - Europe is also a major consumer of copper, with the metal being largely used in construction and manufacturing. Economic stimulus and improved fiscal policies have seen most of Europe rebound from an economic slowdown and this has helped to increase demand for copper. Any dampening of the economy in the Eurozone will affect demand and prices in the opposite direction.
  • Labour disputes - The copper industry is highly prone to labour disputes and strikes, which lead to significant disruption of the supply side. Other factors such as natural disasters and political instability especially in less democratic countries in Africa, Central and South America can also cause disruptions on the supply side therefore triggering prices to skyrocket.


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