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Anyoption allow investors to profit from Candy Crush (King.com) and Alibaba upcoming IPO

Anyoption announced two special pre-IPO trading opportunities, one is the world famous mobile game "Candy Crush” (King.com LTD) and the other is Alibaba the chinese e-commerce giant. Both of whom are expected to announce IPO's in the coming months.

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Although Candy Crush (King.com) and Alibaba have yet to announce their IPO launch dates, Anyoption customers can start profiting immediately by trading pre IPO touch options on the market cap that each company will hold at the end of the first day of trading.
This latest IPO special follows on from Anyoption's hugely successful Facebook and Twitter pre-IPO offerings, the first of their kind within the industry. Anyoption uses a touch option trading mode to let users speculate on the market cap that each company will hold at the end of the first trading session. Tey are the worlds oldest and most trusted brokers in charge of one of the biggest and most professional financial trading websites serving thousands of loyal users across the globe.

Candy Crush and Alibaba Binary Options - How Does it Work?

1. Predict
Will the price go UP or DOWN?

2. Buy options
You will know your potential profit in advance.

3. Profit up to 380%
If the price touches or goes beyond your target price. If not, you'll lose the initial investment.


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About king.com ltd (candy crush)
King.com Ltd is the british mobile game company who had grown largely through games on its site facebook and mobile devices. King.com Ltd is best known for its puzzle game “Candy Crush Saga” gaining worldwide success, it sees over 1 billion gameplays daily in both Facebook and mobile.

About Alibaba
A Chinese e-commerce platform considered as the largest online business to business, including as well online retail and payment services, a shopping search engine and cloud computing services. Company that provides an easy alternative to buy and sell anywhere in the world.


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