The Falling and Rising Wedge Trading Strategies

Wedge Trading Strategies

The wedge pattern is a unique formation given that it appears as a reversal pattern and as a continuation pattern too. It is quite different from other triangle patterns in that it is a long-term pattern and the trendlines converge upward or downward. Do you want to learn how to use this pattern in your binary options trading?

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What are Kicker Signals (Bullish and Bearish Kicker Signals)

Many traders consider the Kicker signal a powerful formation. It is an indication of increased market volatility and trader sentiments as a result of significant announcements that affect the financial markets. This article will help you to understand the dynamics of Kicker Signals in binary options trading.

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Rising Wedge: Learn The Falling and Rising Wedge Patterns

The Rising Wedge pattern is a bearish formation that is applicable as a reversal or continuation pattern based on its placement on the price chart. As a reversal formation, the ascending wedge slopes up alongside the predominant trend. As a continuation formation, the ascending wedge will slope up but this time against the prevailing downtrend.

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How to Use Pivot Points to Identify Price Reversals

Although binary options trading is one of the easiest forms of trading in the financial markets, it’s not always easy to determine when the price movement of an asset will change direction. At one point, the asset might be moving in a desirable direction but the trend mcould change, exposing you to imminent risk.

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