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Forex Guide

Ready to learn Forex? Read our Forex Guide! It's a complete course for novice and more experienced traders! understand all the basics of the Forex market: forex charting, technical analysis, traders psychology and many other important subjects.


Forex Introduction

  1. What Is Forex Trading?
  2. Who trades forex?
  3. Advantages of forex trading over other stock trading
  4. What do I need to start forex trading?

Forex Trading Education

  1. What we trade, Introduction to Market Quote
    - Direct currency
    - Indirect currency
    - Cross currency
  2. Contract size, leverage, margin and volume transaction
  3. Profit/loss calculation
  4. Balance, equity, margin, free margin, margin level
  5. Broker trading condition, transaction cost Spread, commission, Swap rate.
  6. Margin call and Stop out Level
  7. Additional broker rule, off the market condition.
  8. Basic Trading operation
    Instant entry order
    Stop loss and take profit modification
    - Pending order type (Stop order, Limit order)
    - Partial exit
    - Trailing stop
  9. Market Session / trading hours
    - Asian, Europe, US market session
    - Best time to trade based on currency traded

Forex Trading Management System

1. Account diversification and pair correlation to minimize risk
2. Lot transaction size and risk reward ratio
3. Build our own Trading Plan

Choosing Forex Brokers

1. Broker benefit, high leverage, various account type.

Forex Market Analysis

  1. Introduction to market analysis
    - What the purpose of analysis, can we just randomly entry the trade?
    - Market analysis type
  2. Technical analysis
    a. Basic technical analysis, based on Dow theory
    - Market move in trend
    - History always repeat
    - Market discount everything
    b. Basic technical outlook
    - Market range, based on market session, daily.
    - Pivot, Support and Resistance and how to optimize for entry trade decision.
    - Introduction to Trendline and market channel
    c. Technical Analysis Indicator
    - Moving Average and MACD as trend indicator
    - Market momentum indicator, RSI and Stochastic
    - Volatility indicator Bollinger bands and Average range daily
  3. Fundamental Analysis
    - Market force and Economic calendar
    - Impact of economic issue upon market volatility
    - News Trader
  4. Technical vs Fundamental, which the best?



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