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24Winner Binary Options Broker Has Been Closed

24Winner was a binary options broker owned by the SafeCap Investment Company. It has just been reported that the broker has closed down and it will not be available to options traders.

24Winner Binary Options Broker Has Been Closed

According to a notice on their website, all funds are safe and traders who used the platform would be able to withdraw their funds by contacting them on their customer support number or via email.

Why was 24Winner closed?

The exact reason why SafeCap Investment decided to close 24Winner has not been divulged. There were several negative reviews and complaints about the broker, and this could have been a reason for their closing.

Which broker can I choose now?

There are many other brokers you can trade with. Check out our top ten brokers here.

How to pick the best binary options broker

Before signing up to trade with a binary options broker, it is best that you read reviews about different brokers to find out whether other traders trust this broker.

You also need to make sure that the broker is regulated. This may not guarantee that they are the best broker, but it is a good starting point to weed out bad brokers.

Something else you should do is to trade using the brokers’ demo account to test whether the platform meets your needs. A good platform should have the following characteristics:

·         Has good reviews

·         Provides a demo account

·         Delivers timely support to traders

·         Transparency- You understand what is going on

·         User-friendly- Easy to use on a desktop or mobile device

In summary, 24Winner has wrapped up its operations and will no longer be available as a binary options trading platform. However, you can have a look at other trusted binary options brokers here.


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