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Apple Expresses Optimism Over UK’s EU Exit

In his meeting with UK Premier, Theresa May, Apple boss Tim Cook said his company was very optimistic about the country’s exit from the European Union.

Apple Expresses Optimism Over UK’s EU Exit

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO has suppressed claims that Brexit could have negative implications for technology companies. His expression of optimism over the UK’s future after cutting ties with Brussels contradicted the continuing claims of those opposed to the exit asserting adverse economic effects.

Mr. Cook and Mrs. May met at Downing Street where they discussed among other things, Apple’s plans to set up a headquarters in the UK within the renovated Battersea Power Station as an indication of the tech giant’s alignment with the UK.

Mr. Cook said, “We are doubling down a large headquarters in the Battersea area and we are allowing enough space for expansion.”

He added, “We are a big believer in the UK and we think you will be just fine.”

He assured that although there will be bumps following the decision to leave to the EU, the UK would fare on well.

Last year, the tech giant said it would relocate 1,600 workers to the new offices in the south of London by 2021.


In a statement about the meeting, Apple said, “Tim’s meeting with the Prime Minister was positive discussing about the company’s investment in the UK.”

The statement further expressed support for Apple’s growth and innovation, which has resulted in the creation of up to 300,000 jobs in the UK.

Other than Apple, other major investors with businesses in the UK, including Google have supported the UK’s exit from the EU.

Rishi Sunak, a Richmond Tory MP said Apple’s support for the UK significantly undermined claims by the Remain camp.

He asserted, “We were told Project Fear but what we are seeing is yet another successful investor supporting Brexit Britain.”

According to the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson, “It was a very positive discussion with Apple announcing its continued investment in the UK.”

He added, “The conversation was centered around that, the pivotal role of government and investment in digital skills, which will be a large part of the industry going forward.”

He said the meeting also offered the prime minister the opportunity to emphasize on the investment opportunities in the UK after Brexit.

Mr. Cook’ s comments came amidst growing concerns by the US Chamber of Commerce, which indicated that firms in the US had been delaying their decision to invest in the UK.

The Chamber of Commerce comprises thousands of members, many of whom are large multinationals.

Speaking to the BBC, the head of the US Chamber of Commerce said there was a worry that the trade rules would change.

He asserted, “US firms are worried about what the rules will look like.”

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