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Apple Reveals Smaller Affordable iPhone and iPad Pro


The new iPhone SE features similar graphics and processing performance as the Apple 6S and can record 4K video.

Apple Reveals Smaller Affordable iPhone and iPad Pro

The iPad Pro will feature a 9.7’’ inch screen just like the original iPad.

The new, smaller iPhone is set to be distributed to up to 110 countries by May this year.

The iPhone SE’s price tag starts at $399 to $499 to become the most affordable iPhone from Apple.

Apple Inc. also announced that the new iPad Pro would come in three storage sizes including a 256 GB option. The iPad’s price tag will start from $599 for the smallest one and will be available in the US by end of March.

Smaller iPhone version

According to Apple, the company sold up to 30 million handsets with a 4-inch screen. In recent months, Apple’s handset sales have declined alongside the smartphone market.

Analysts forecast that shipments of smartphones could decline by as much as 15% in the first quarter of 2016.

Annette Zimmerman, a Gartner research director said, ‘The smartphone market is certainly demanding five and six inch products so one would question why Apple would produce a smaller version.”

“It is not trying to leverage a trend, though the people using iPhone 4 or 5 are generally satisfied with the size,” she added.

Zimmerman further noted that Apple’s move to produce a smaller phone could be an effort to upgrade previous versions and to increase its profit margins.

She said, “I don’t think this will result into the impressive growth we saw following the release of the iPhone 6.”

Geoff Blaber of CSS Insight indicated that this move by Apple was unsurprising but the two products were important to the technology giant.

He said, “One could view the iPad Pro and iPhone SE as iterative but these remain crucial to Apple’s growth.”

Even then, others were not impressed by Apple’s latest reveal, with observers indicating that no new ideas are coming out of Apple.

Alongside the announcement, the technology company also revealed Liam, a recycling robot that can dismantle old iPhones, enabling components to be reused.


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