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Apple Unveils New AI to Protect Its Software from Google Intrusion

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In an effort to eliminate the role Google plays on lucrative search roles on Apple devices, the iPhone maker has developed new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Apple Unveils New AI to Protect Its Software from Google Intrusion

The company unveiled the new AI at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference held this week. Some of the launched capabilities include the expansion of digital assistant, Siri, from the iPad and iPhone to the Mac laptop and desktop personal computer. Automated emoji creation on the iMessage service will be facilitated through natural language processing. Other features include image recognition capability, which will allow Apple gadgets to automatically recognize stored photos.

These new capabilities are majorly a response to Google features offered recently including a picture organizing app, a mobile keyboard and a digital assistant in the making that will be accessed through Allo, a new mobile messaging system.

Google specifically designed the Gboard keyboard for IPhone in an attempt to push its search services to Apple devices. Meanwhile the picture app works on both Android and iOS devices, offering advanced search capabilities. So far, Google has not revealed whether Allo will be compatible with iOS.

Through developing its own AI services specifically for its iOS system, Apple is looking to provide users with alternatives that can be pre-installed on Apple devices

The new search features on Siri for Mac laptops use Bing instead of Google. At the same time, the answers Siri offers for voice-based questions are derived from Apple’s own searches conducted by pre-installed apps in its gadgets.

Julie Ask, a Forrester Research analyst pointed out that ‘Consumers prefer voice search when making quick inquiries. It is just a much easier way of searching.”

Apple has a better chance of retaining its customer base by adding more AI-based text and voice capabilities to its services.

The iPhone maker is developing these new capabilities in line with its marketing strategy that promises not mine user’s personal data.



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