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Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes XTrade Ambassador

xTrade Cristiano Ronaldo

XTrade’s partnership will see Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7, as he is popularly known represent the online trading company as its ambassador among trading and football fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes XTrade Ambassador

The football icon from Portugal is seen as being an appropriate representative of the XTrade brand, which is known for offering CFD trading across one of the most popular mobile applications in the online trading industry.

The introduction of Ronaldo to Xrade’s marketing strategy will help to introduce the footballer’s fans to online CFD trading and increase their appeal to an investment niche that is best suited to finance professionals.

XTrade has capitalized on Ronaldo’s spectacular international appeal as one of the biggest football stars. Aside from the numerous accolades his football career has earned him, he is also somewhat of a sex icon and a fashion trendsetter.

Although his name has been used in marketing stances for many brands in sports and fitness, his partnership with XTrade is certainly a departure from the norm.

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Best Match for XTrade

Without a doubt, the partnership between XTrade and Ronaldo will come as a surprise to his fans. Few, if any, young sports and fashion stars usually represent or endorse financial firms. However, Ronaldo seem like the best choice for XTrade as the trading company tries to reach out to a wider audience.

Ronaldo appeals to the young and old, the fashion lovers and football fans, men and women. He symbolizes the virtues of hard work, dedication and drive, all of which pay off in the end—these are attributes that XTrade would certainly want to capitalize on.

In a recent statement, Ronaldo said, concerning the partnership, “To be the best, you need the best. This is why I am partnering with XTrade, a leading digital trading platform. There is no simple way to emerge as the best in the world. The only way is through practice and practice until you perfect it.”

Certainly, this great partnership will go a long way in expanding XTrade’s reach.


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