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Economist Intelligence Unit Rates Trump Presidency as Top World Risks

The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) has warned that a Trump presidency could have negative impacts on the global economy and increase security and political risks in the US.

Economist Intelligence Unit Rates Trump Presidency as Top World Risks

The research firm however said it was unlikely that Mr. Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton, who is seen as the most likely candidate for the Democratic ticket.

Trump is rated among the top ten risks facing the world and his presidency is considered riskier than Britain’s exit from the EU or a war breaking out in the South China Sea.

The report indicates that an acute economic slowdown in China and Russia’s involvement in embattled Syria and Ukraine are considered some of the most dangerous world events.

In its annual global risk assessment, the EIU noted that, “So far, Mr. Trump has outlined very few solid policies and he is constantly revising his views.”

On a scale of 1 to 25, Trump scored a 12 point rating; the same rating scored by the threat posed by jihadists in disrupting the world economy.

Extremism and hostility

Mr. Trump’s campaign has mostly been centered on the invasion of Syria and the killing of suspected terrorists’ families to eliminate the ISIS and expropriating its sources of income such as oil revenue.

The EIU has pointed out that, ‘Trump’s militaristic approach towards Muslims could serve as a dangerous incentive for jihadi recruitment efforts, which could increase the group’s threat globally.”

Opponents of Mr. Trump have issued the same warnings in relation to global security and economic stability.

In spite of the criticism, the wealthy businessman is increasingly seen as the most likely candidate for the Republican presidential ticket. So far, he has won majority of the popular votes in the primaries.

Other than his business acumen, Mr. Trump does not have political experience but has warned that his supporters would cause chaos if he were not nominated as the Republican presidential candidate.

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