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Facebook Set to Launch Own TV App

Facebook has announced that it will release an app for TV soon to allow users to view videos on TV and on mobile.

Facebook Set to Launch Own TV App

The world’s largest social network said on Tuesday that its new TV app set to be launched soon will allow users to watch their friends’ videos and to view the latter’s liked paged on TV.

Facebook further announced that it would recommend videos to users based on the videos one has watched previously.

The social media network also said that the videos watched on TV via the app would have the sound on by default on the News Feed if the user’s phone sound were on. Facebook says that its research shows that videos tested with sound were more positively received.

The app will also allow vertical videos to expand automatically to full screen in the same way as videos do on Snapchat in an effort to encourage users to use their phones to shoot and upload videos.

Uploaded videos will continue to play on a small thumbnail at the bottom of the screen as a user browses their News Feed. This feature has been tested on a number of users but will now be available for all users of the social network.

Premium video

Facebook said its TV app would be made available on Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. 

This latest move will enable Facebook to attract users to watch premium videos for longer. It will also allow content developers to show midroll advertisements within their video. The leading social network also has plans underway to fund its scripted video shows.

Facebook announced that it is looking for its applications to compliment users’ behavior of watching videos using their mobile devices. The company reiterated that it was not looking to kill Netflix.

According to Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, “Many users when watching video in News Feed during the day will save it to watch later given that they do not have time to watch.”

Speaking at the Code Media conference he added, “Now it is easy to watch on your TV. We want to enable users to consume content anywhere they are be it on their phone or computer and TV is yet another screen for that. “

He said that Facebook is still a mobile first company and their products will continue to be built for experiences around mobile.

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Mega trend

Recently, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that video was a ‘mega trend’ in the same way that mobile phones largely contributed to the social network’s growth in its early days.

Facebook believes that by getting people to watch more videos, it can tap into the $70 billion TV brand advertising industry.



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