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German Vice Chancellor Says Brexit May End EU

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany vice chancellor has warned that the European Union (EU) would collapse if other countries followed Britain’s example.

German Vice Chancellor Says Brexit May End EU

Germany's  vice chancellor has pointed out that the UK could not enjoy the nice things about Europe and avoid the negative repercussions.

His comments came following Theresa May’s proposed meeting for Wednesday where ministers will discuss UK’s withdrawal from the union.

According to reports from Downing Street, Brexit was a top priority for the prime minister but other media reports have indicated that her cabinet is not united over the decision to leave the single market.

On June 23, the UK voted to exit the European Union.

In a news conference, Mr. Gabriel, who serves as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s deputy and who is also Germany’s economy minister said Britain’s exit send the message that Europe is an unstable continent.

He pointed out that, “Brexit is awful but its economic effects will not be as bad as some fear. It is a huge political and psychological problem.”

He added, “If the UK’s withdrawal is organized in the wrong way, it will put us in big trouble. So, we need to ensure that Britain does not keep the nice things about Europe while evading responsibility.”

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Future of EU

So far, Mrs. Merkel has had meetings with several European leaders in preparation for the September summit whose focus will be on the future of the EU following Brexit.

She emphasized the need for the remaining member states to avoid jumping into policy decisions.

Mrs. May is yet to start formulating blueprints for Brexit, a process that will kick start with the Wednesday meeting at the Chequers with her cabinet.

According to political analysts, it is likely that the prime minister will receive diverse answers about the true meaning of Brexit.

The meeting comes following the launch of the mixed party calling itself Open Britain, which seeks to promote progressive trade talks that will keep Britain open to the benefits of free trade.


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