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Google and Microsoft Agree to End Five Year Patents Battle

A five year patents battle between Google and Microsoft, two among the largest technology companies in the world, has come to an end.

Google and Microsoft Agree to End Five Year Patents Battle 

Google and Microsoft had initiated a total of eighteen lawsuits pertaining to Wi-Fi, mobile phone technology as well as software patents. 

Both firms jointly stated that they would work together to iron out certain patent issues.

Technology firms are increasingly opting for an out of court approach to dealing with their patent disputes.

Recent years have seen firms increase the number of software-related lawsuits as they grew their list of patents.

However, the current trend is to move away from lawsuits to licensing to mitigate intellectual property infringement.

Pending lawsuits scrapped 

In their statement, the firms said, ‘Google and Microsoft are pleased to announce collaboration on sorting out patent issues.”

As part of the deal, the companies will cancel out the pending lawsuits they had initiated against each other.

The companies also said they had, each on their own accord, agreed to work together on certain patent areas to the benefit of their customers.

Prior to this agreement Google and Microsoft were engaged in a complex and perpetual battle over intellectual properties. The Motorola Mobility acquisition by Google in 2011 allowed the search giant to obtain a vast number of network technology and mobile phone patents.

As part of the Motorola acquisition, Google purchased the mobile function of Motorola for £8.3bn ($12.5bn) and sold it at a loss to Lenovo at $2.1bn even though Google still kept most of the patents it obtained from the initial acquisition.

Microsoft sued Google for infringement of a patent that facilitated the reassembling of long-text messages on the receiver’s phone.

The Xbox game dispute between the two companies was the longest standing. Microsoft accused Motorola of not properly licensing its wireless technology and video compression patent, a complaint supported by the court.

This is only a limited agreement and there is no guarantee that the two technology giants will not pursue litigation against each other in future, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

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