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Huawei Sues Samsung Over Patent Infringement

Huawei, the Chinese tech firms said it was suing its rival, South Korean-based Samsung over claims of patent infringement. The cases have been logged in a California court and a court in Shenzhen as well.

Huawei Sues Samsung Over Patent Infringement

Huawei claims that Samsung has used a number of its software and cellular innovations in its phones without permission.

Meanwhile, Samsung is adamant about defending its business interests.

The Chinese technology firm said some of the patents involved are classified as fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (Frand). This means that Huawei can offer anyone a license given that they agree to a non-excessive compensation.

Such agreements are prevalent in the technology sector, allowing company products to share data formats across devices.

According to the Huawei intellectual property chief, the company was looking for permission to use some of its rivals’ technologies instead of seeking for payment.

Ding Jianxing said, “So far, we have signed many cross-licensing agreements with our competitors.”

“We hope that Samsung will abide with our company’s R&D patents and investments, put end to the infringement and obtain the necessary license from Huawei and work with us to move the industry forward.”

In response, a Samsung spokesperson said, “We will thoroughly review these complaints and take the required action to defend Samsung’s business interests.”

Huawei’s lawsuit comes at a time when Google and Oracle are waiting upon a jury verdict following a copyright trial between the two US-based tech giants.

However, such patent wars have become less prevalent following Samsung and Apple’s much-publicized legal battle in 2011, which resulted in both firms incurring large legal costs and exposing their inner workings.

Ilya Kazi of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys explained that just because Huawei had brought this case against Samsung does not mean that it would descend into a similar, bear it all case.

“Huawei may have initiated this lawsuit to receive a settlement. It is not yet clear whether they intend to go all the way with this; most cases settle.

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