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Self-Driving Taxis To Launch In Singapore

Self-driving cars and taxis have become increasingly popular in the world of technology but the actual product always seems elusive.

Self-Driving Taxis To Launch In Singapore

In Singapore though, driverless taxis are almost close to becoming a reality. Trials are underway to bring self-driving cars to the street.

In fact, inventors in Singapore seem to have gone a higher step than more established carmakers such as Uber and Google.

The cars under trial in Singapore are driving themselves even though there is a driver to keep an oversight of the ride.

nuTonomy is behind the new invention in the country. This is certainly a small company based in the US, which essentially specializes in developing software for self-driving vehicles.

Founded in 2013 by two researchers at MIT, the firm is making headways into both its US native market and in Singapore.

At the start of the year, nuTonomy was the first company in Singapore to obtain licensure to test driverless cars in a small area and now tests have started to include passengers.

nuTonomy is not an automaker and therefore the driverless taxis are hardly futuristic or aesthetically fantastic. Rather, these are tiny Mitsubishi and Renault electric cars that have been fitted with the company’s technology.

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Steps ahead

The small cars are however, steps ahead of the company’s competitors who began launching their projects as far back as 2014 in which the trial cars were electric golf carts.

The company’s trial taxis presently comprise a fleet of six vehicles. Each of the cars has been fitted with a sophisticated laser system and cameras that work like a radar to keep track of the vehicle’s immediate environment.

The driverless taxis are currently only available in a very small area of town, away from the bustling city center. The new self-driving taxis will operate in an area measuring 4 sq km in the west of the city-state where there are designated pick-up and drop off points.

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