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Tech Giants Support Apple In IPhone Encryption Case Before Ruling

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More and more technology giants have joined in to support Apple in its legal battle with the FBI. Google, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and AirBnB are just among the companies that are backing the iPhone manufacturer.

Tech Giants Support Apple In IPhone Encryption Case Before Ruling

Following the San Bernardino terror attack by Syed Rizwan Farook, the FBI filed a court order requiring Apple to help unlock the attacker’s iPhone.

Last December, Farook and his wife shot dead 14 people in the Californian city before being fatally shot by police.

While some of the family members of the victims support the FBI court order, many more tech giants support Apple’s decision to maintain its customers’ privacy.

Several tech giants have filed an amicus brief to allow parties not directly involved in the case but who are aggrieved to opine in the matter.

Apple has appealed against the FBI court order pointing out that the company should not be forced to compromise the security of its products.

A software update in September 2014 ensured that data on Apple products, including photos and text messages, was encrypted and not even the Apple staff could access the data.

The encryption prevents anyone who does not have the owner’s four-digit password from accessing the phone’s data. The phone will automatically delete all data if 10 incorrect attempts of the password are input.

The FBI has demanded that Apple help it alter Farook’s phone to be able to access data in the handset. The FBI wants the tech giant to adjust the settings so unlimited password attempts can be undertaken without deleting the data. Secondly, the FBI wants Apple to device a way to quickly input password combinations to avoid inputting each password attempt manually.

According to Apple, such a move would endanger the trust between the company and its customers as it would create a way for government to access private user data.


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