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Uber Joins the Self-driving Car Market

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In a statement, Uber announced that it had installed a Ford Fusion with cameras, laser scanners and radar in a bid to join the race for self-driving car technology.

Uber Joins the Self-driving Car Market

The US car-hailing company said the project is being conducted in conjunction with the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

An increasing number of technology and Car Company are linking up to create self-driving cars, with Google being the pioneer. Other companies such as Tesla are also in the race, while car and technology companies in China are also making great strides with driverless technology.

In the end, Uber is looking to put an end to car ownership and it is moving fast to fulfill this mission.

The increasingly popular cab company has the ultimate goal of wanting consumers to hail a car, have it arrive within the shortest time possible and take you to your desired destination.

Uber is almost fulfilling this goal, at least in major cities in the world. An Uber would typically pick you up in five minutes.

Just this week, the company kicked off a program that gave all San Francisco residents of a small community $100 each month to use on Uber.

In spite of the progress, Uber’s main challenge is drivers. This latest effort to enter the driverless market is about boosting profits by removing the need for drivers.

Other competitor firms are not hesitating to go the Uber direction. For instance, Lyft, a rival car-sharing firm has announced a partnership with Chevrolet to introduce autonomous driving.

In a statement, Uber said that it was keen on real world testing of its driverless car.

“It is critical to our efforts to develop self-driving technology.” Uber added that a trained driver was still watching the car’s operations throughout.

Uber has partnered with Google and other car manufacturers to push for legislation and regulations required to actualize self-drive vehicles.

Uber and Google, together with Lyft, Volvo and Ford, are keen on lobbying regulatory bodies and policymakers on some of the legal issues that require to be adjusted before driverless cars become a reality.

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