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Uber Stops Self-Driving Car Test Following Crash

Uber has temporarily stopped tests on its self-driving cars as it carries out investigations into a crash involving one of its vehicles.

Uber Stops Self-Driving Car Test Following Crash

Photos posted online show an Uber vehicle that had been involved in a car accident in Arizona.

The pictures show the car overturned to its side alongside another badly damaged vehicle although the incident did not result in serious injuries.

The Volvo SUV belonging to the ride hailing service had no passengers in the back seat but had two engineers seated at the front. It is still unclear whether the vehicle crashed while on self-driving mode.

This latest incident comes right after Uber’s series of setbacks in the last couples of weeks, which include the departure of the company president, Jeff Jones.

Preliminary police reports indicate that the collision resulted from a driver who failed to give way to the self-driving car and not from a technical failure of the Uber vehicle.

As the company awaits further investigation, all self-driving cars in Arizona have been removed from the road.

Cars in test sites in California and Pennsylvania have also been removed off the road.

Josie Montenegro, a spokesperson for the Tempe, Arizona police said the crash was as a result of another car refusing to ‘yield’ to an Uber vehicle at a left turn.

She added, “There was a person behind the wheel. It is not clear at this time if the person was controlling the vehicle when the collision occurred.”

Uber driverless vehicles always have a human at the driver’s seat to take control when necessary.


In recent months, the company has faced a series of challenges, resulting in several senior executives leaving the firm.

Uber has also had to contend with criticism over workplace harassment and its treatment of drivers.

At the same time, legal hurdles have been preventing progress with the testing of its driverless car technology in California.

Last week, Uber admitted that its relationship with its drivers was becoming strained and vowed to improve its services.

The ride sharing company said that its policies are disadvantageous to drivers.

Uber added that following amendments to these policies, drivers would be better placed to defend themselves against refunds and rider complaints.

The news followed the departure of Jeff Jones, the company president who left because his own views were inconsistent with those of Uber.

Mr. Jones was in charge of managing relationships between its drivers and the company.

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