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Binary Options Trading Signals Review

Binary Options Trading Signals is quite a popular signal provider and for good reason. This platform works differently from other simple signal providers. 

Binary Options Trading Signals Review

Live trading and mentoring

At the heart of this service is the live trading sessions that are conducted by a professional binary options trader. So instead of sending you signal notifications to your phone or email, you can access a live trading session and then use the information to execute trades on your own account.

‘Franco’ is the professional trader who conducts the 2-hour trading sessions each day. All you need to do is login at a specific time to access the live trading sessions. The sessions start at 09.30 and end at 11.30 AM EST. Currency pairs, and especially the EUR/USD seem to be the most preferred assets with the main contracts being placed with a 15-minute or 60 second expiry period.

The idea here is to offer traders some kind of mentoring. In effect, you not only learn how to quickly use the platform; but you also emulate a professional trader to increase your chances of profiting from each trade. In addition to accessing the live trading sessions, traders also have access to a vibrant community of other traders. The community is a great source of support, motivation and education. Traders can speak directly to Franco and to the rest of the community via Skype.

Signal Notifications

The Binary Options Trading Signals focuses on making the most in a week of trading. As such, traders receive between two and five signals daily during specific trading sessions. Admittedly, it is quite difficult to define the accuracy of the platform but your success really depends on your ability to follow the given instructions and execute them on your account. It is also worth noting that you need to be present each day to attend the trading sessions to be able to leverage the trading opportunities offered here.

binary options trading signals


Martingale system

Binary Options Trading Signals uses the controversial Martingale System. According to the underlying theory, there is a 50-50 chance of losing or winning—if you lost a trade you would ultimately breakeven and if you won you would incur a profit. Essentially, the Martingale system is based on the fair game concept in that knowledge of past data or events is not considered helpful in forecasting the future market performance. The reason why this system is controversial is that it does not take into consideration market fluctuations, exposing you to potential risks.


This particular platform is noticeably costlier compared to other signal providers. There is no provision to test the service with subscribers required to pay $99 each two weeks to access the service. The live trading, mentoring, education and trader community offered here are certainly not offered on other platforms, and this may justify the high costs.


·         Access to real time trading sessions guided by a professional trader

·         Access to a vibrant traders’ community


·         You need to commit to be present at specific times to access the real time trading sessions for two hours

·         Costs are higher compared to other signal providers

Earn money with Binary Options Trading Signals
binary options trading signals

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