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UpDown Signals Review

Up Down Signal has been in the market for a long time. This makes it easier to trust this signal provider at a time when there are so many providers popping up.

Up Down Signal Review

5-step algorithmic process

When choosing a signals provider the most important attribute to look at is the level of accuracy of the signals provided. This particular provider guarantees a 70% accuracy level, which is impressive and well within the range of some of the best signals providers.

According to the Up Down Signals, they are able to generate accurate market signals through a 5-step algorithmic process. The steps include:

Step 1: Assessing the assets

This initial step entails gathering information about all the assets to identify whether they can provide positive reactions to the algorithmic models. This step is necessary because it helps to eliminate any asset whose direction is unpredictable.

Step 2:  Determining trade volume and size

The assets that have been selected in the first step are further tested to assess their anticipated trade volume and size. Historical data is taken into consideration to predict whether assets are likely to move up or down at any given time.

Step 3: Monitoring potential price action

This step involves monitoring assets to determine their anticipatory price movement within the first 30 minutes of a trading session.

Step 4:  Quality assessment

Chosen assets are further screen through four statistical modes to ensure that these assets provide lucrative opportunities for trading.

Step 5: Choosing a promising signal

Finally, the trading opportunities presented by the assets are graded according to their lucrativeness. The assets that offer the best trading opportunities are chosen and traders receive notifications on these potential opportunities.



Compared to other signal providers, Up Down Signals offer their services at affordable costs. You can start with as low as $5 for a one-week trial before upgrading to the $99 monthly service fee. During the one-week trial, you will receive daily notifications and trading opportunities to trade just like the monthly subscribers do.

Signal accuracy

As mentioned, this signals provider has placed a lot of effort in refining the signals they send out to their customers, thanks to the 5-step algorithmic process. With a 70% accuracy, traders are guaranteed to make profits most of the time. The provider sends a signal notification once a day when there are good trading opportunities. The signals are sent through SMS at 11.30 EST (16.30GMT). It is important to note that on some days, you may not receive any signals if there are no lucrative trading opportunities. A major reason why Up Down Signals is able to guarantee accurate signals is their use of past performance data to predict the future price action of an asset.

Customer Support

Other than accuracy and costs, an important attribute of a signals provider is their ability to address customers’ concerns round the clock.  This provider scores highly on customer support. A trading team is accessible 24/7 to provide responsive services.


·         Affordable cost of service compared to other providers

·         Accurate signals according to industry standards

·         Reliable customer support


You need a broker who offers expiries that match up to the expiries required to trade the signals that are sent to you. For example, if a signal requires you to place a trade within a 60-second window, your broker needs to offer 60 second expiries for you to utilize the signals.


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